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If you are searching for an attorney, you need legal counsel as quickly as possible. You don't have time to wait for answers or to work with an inefficient legal team. Criminal charges can affect every area and aspect of your life if you are convicted. Jail is often a consequence in many felony offenses and even misdemeanors can carry jail time depending on the charge.


Whether our client’s choose to fight in court or negotiate a plea deal, Gerace and his attorneys will advocate on each individual's behalf to obtain the best possible outcome for their quality of life and future. Unlike many larger firms, our lawyers meet directly with you from the beginning of the process and are committed to helping you clients feel comfortable during this difficult time. We will always give you a straightforward assessment of your situation and options. 


Learn more about attorney Gerace's background and accomplishments as well as our other lawyers, Attorney Edward W. Case, and Attorney Chirstopher J. Brenes below.


William T. Gerace


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Attorney Gerace is well known and respected in all of the Connecticut criminal courts. His stellar record at trial and his efficiency in resolving routine cases is the reason his results provide the best deals possible. Attorney Gerace has litigated more cases in the Connecticut Court System than many other lawyers who share the upper echelon of Connecticut’s criminal practice bar with him. With over 30 years of extensive trial experience as a Criminal Justice Attorney, William T. Gerace is knowledgeable and skilled in all aspects of the criminal process. Gerace and his associates will provide effective and productive representation on cases ranging from murder to routine matters.


UConn 1980

Edward W. Case


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Edward W. Case  has 33 years of experience focusing primarily on personal injury litigation and Worker's Compensation. Edward's experience working for insurance companies as a Staff Attorney has taught him how they approach and value injury cases which gives him unique insight into his personal injury cases. His background includes Serious Personal Injury Claims arising out of Product Liability cases, Medical Malpractice, Slip and Falls, Automobile Acciedents, Premises Liability claims, Professional Malpractice, Municipal Liability, Workers Compensation, as well as Assaults and Gun Shot Injury, Liquor Liability, and Accidental Burn Cases.

Christopher Brenes 


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Christopher Brenes has been with Gerace and Associates since 2018. He graduated from Central Connecticut State University in 2009 with a B.S. in Criminology and earned his law degree from Massachusetts School of Law in 2016. Attorney Brenes’ primary focus is Criminal Defense and secondary focus is Personal Injury. Attorney Brenes is admitted to the Connecticut Bar Association.

Melissa Cruz-Rainey


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Melissa oversees the day-to-day operations at our firm and is the primary liaison to the attorneys. Melissa is also fluent in Spanish.

Kurlene Sampson 



Kurlene is our personal injury expert. She coordinates with doctors and insurance companies, and helps our clients resolve administrative issues.

We follow a professional approach when helping our clients navigate through their legal issues and will help you get honest answers related to your case. If you are in need of the services we offer do not wait, schedule a consultationnow so that you can get all the legal support you need 



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